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Upgrading Orchard to 1.9.1 from 1.9.0

Tags: azure, azure-web-apps, azure-web-sites, orchard-cms


  1. Create an empty staging deployment slot in the Azure Web App.
  2. Download Orchard.Web.1.9.1.zip (approx 28 MB).
  3. FTP publish Orchard.Web.1.9.1 to the staging slot.
  4. Copy the Media folder from live to staging.
  5. Update settings.txt with the live db connection string.
  6. Install missing live modules.
  7. Install the live theme.
  8. If everything works, swap the live & staging slots.

Notes / Lessons Learned

  1. This was a relatively simple upgrade for a simple blog site.
  2. The FTP upload took about 30 minutes.
  3. For FTP we use WinSCP.